With your help, the RIPE NCC is building the largest Internet measurement network ever made. RIPE Atlas employs a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time.

Hosting a RIPE Atlas probe is easy:

1- Download and fill the Atlas request form and Email to

atlas [at] iranet [dot] ir

2- Create a RIPE NCC Access account

If you don't already have a RIPE NCC Access account, please create one. By doing so, you'll become a member of the RIPE Atlas community and will be able to apply for a probe.
*If you are a RIPE NCC member, please make sure you log in to your RIPE NCC Access account using your membership account details before applying for your probe.

3- Register your probe

Once you receive your probe, you'll need to register your probe so that we can keep track of it within the RIPE Atlas infrastructure

4- Plug in the probe

Once you're registered your probe, you just need to plug it in.

  • Use a UTP cable to connect your probe to an Ethernet port on your home router, switch, etc.

  • Use a USB power outlet to power the probe. In many cases there's one on your switch/router. You can also use a USB charger to connect the probe to a power supply.

  • In most networks, the probe will be able to get an IP address with DHCP and nothing further needs to be done to connect the probe. If you do not have a DHCP server already, you can configure DHCP or configure a static IP address (static configuration is necessary for an IPv6-only network).

  • That's it! If you have version 1 or 2 of the probe (black), you'll know it's activated once the lights start blinking. If you have version 3 (white), the first, third and fourth LEDs will light up when the probe has fully connected.

Now that your probe is set up

Once we see that your probe is connected to the RIPE Atlas infrastructure, you'll be able to see it listed on the Public Probes page and, when you are logged in to the RIPE Atlas website, it will appear under the "My Probes" tab on that page. Click on your probe for more detailed information about your probe, the results of the built-in and user-defined measurements it's involved in, its connection history, and much more.


After you connect your probe, you'll also be featured as a new arrival on the RIPE Atlas Community page.

As long as your probe remains connected, you'll earn credits you can use to conduct your own user-defined measurements using the RIPE Atlas network.

Mailing lists

You can join the public mailing list for RIPE Atlas users (be advised that this is a public list which is archived). It can be used to give us your feedback and interact with other RIPE Atlas users.
For more general discussions about Internet measurements with the RIPE community, the Measurement Analysis and Tools (MAT) Working Group mailing list is available.

Still need help?

You can find out more about RIPE Atlas in the FAQ. If you still have a question or need help, please email atlas [at] ripe [dot] net