IPM/Iranet LIR

IPM/Iranet has been registered as LIR (Local Internet Registry ) by RIPE NCC in 1995. As a LIR, we are processing all of our customers requests for Internet resources such as IP addresses and AS numbers. For each request, there are special request forms to be filled by customer. These forms are designed by RIPE NCC and they are available on their web site:


Please click on the following links to get the desired forms and after filling the form, send it to contact@iranet.ir for processing. Please note that these forms are in text format and should not be send in DOC or JPG or other formats.

  • Provider Aggregatable (PA) Assignment Request Form. (IPV4) (Download)
  • the IPv6 End User Site Assignment Request Form (Download)
  • Autonomous System Number Request Form (Download)

In addition to above forms, there are other forms you need to fill for processing your requests.

For every request form, you should tell us about admin-contact and technical-contact persons. Please fill and send a PERSON-TEMPLATE for each one of these contacts (if admin and technical contacts are referring to one person, only one template is enough.)

For every AS number request, these additional forms and documents are mandatory:

  • Organization form (Download Form)
  • Independent Assignment Request and Maintenance Agreement (there should be 2 hard copy of this, signed and sealed)
  • Registration paper of your organization or company (JPG format)


To help you for filling request forms, there are supporting notes provided by RIPE NCC. In these files you will find explanations of each field and also an example of a filled form.

  • Supporting Notes for AS Number Form (Download)
  • Supporting Notes for the Provider Aggregatable (PA) Assignment Request Form. (IPV4) (Download)
  • Supporting Notes for the IPv6 End User Site Assignment Request Form (Download)